Recovering Irma

the irma bracelet

by Stacey Lorinczi

A hand-crafted bracelet by Stacey Lorinczi, created in honor of Irma Salas, who lost her life to an act of domestic violence. This limited edition designer bracelet is an exclusive gift when you donate to the Recovering Irma film project. By wearing the Irma Bracelet, you take a stand and become part of our movement to create change, one bracelet at a time.

With each and every donation, you are helping us raise awareness and reach our goal of making this much needed and important film. A portion of the proceeds from the film will be donated to domestic violence resources and shelters.

Change starts with I.

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Matt Dick :: Creative Director


Matt Dick is a designer and creative director. His work in textile and clothing design, fashion branding, and product development has kept him involved in the Japanese market since 1997, although he is based in San Francisco. After eight years working for Tamotsu Yagi Design, he opened Matocreative, continuing to work in the areas of clothing and costume design, space design, and art direction. He is the creative director behind INTERNATIONALORANGE SPA and spent 2 years as guest faculty in the Design and Technology department of the San Francisco Art Institute. Currently he is the creative force behind the staff uniform, hotel shop concept and buyer for Bardessono, a modern luxury hotel, LEED certified at the platinum level for its green construction and sustainable operation. Other clients include Stanlee Gatti Designs, Bar Agricole, Blue Bottle Coffee Co., Various Projects NYC, KOI surf shop in Kobe Japan and French Choreographer Daria Fain of The Prosodic Body in New York. Most recently as of 2010 he is the founder of new company based in the spirit of collaboration, twelve sense media. Developed along a with a growing selection of creative individuals around the world working in the most elemental realm of the senses.

Stacey Lorinczi :: Designer, The Irma bracelet


Jewelry designer Stacey Lorinczi began studying metalsmithing at age thirteen. Trained as a fine artist at Brown University, she continued to study jewelry throughout college. Upon graduation in 1995, she worked for Richard Fishman, designer of jewelry collections for Banana Republic, the Gap, Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren. In 2001, Stacey completed a course in jewelry design from London's prestigious Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. Stacey emerged from London with a deep appreciation for the cultural, historical and social significance of jewelry-- as well as for the humor, subversion, and eclecticism characteristic of British style. Upon returning to San Francisco in 2002, Stacey established Lorinczi Jewelry to merge British irreverence with her own refined, organic aesthetic. Stacey says her collections are also informed by her formal training as a fine artist: "In crafting a piece of jewelry, I create a vessel for my innermost aspirations and ideas. These objects then enable the wearer to communicate her own ambitions, observations, and desires. A beloved piece of jewelry serves as a talisman and communicates a personal identity."